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Verve Consultants is a business development company passionate about sharing our time, enthusiasm, expertise and business solutions to support small minority owned businesses. Our services include proposal writing, capture and strategy development and government contractor certifications. 

Our process is simple:


  • We get to know you and your business to understand your goals, capabilities, and growth potential.

  • We assess your size, resources, and desired market to support your specific efforts.

  • We identify opportunities, increase name recognition, and help you build teaming relationships.

  • We assist you in obtaining the right certifications for the right opportunities.


If you are new to government contracting or want to get more contracts, let us help you navigate your growth journey and develop a better path to do business with the state and federal government.

Concrete Bridge

Bridging the gap to build and certify small minority owned businesses to win more state and federal contracts.  

Keyboard and Mouse


Office Meeting

By offering us the opportunity to write a government proposal for your business, we will make sure to amplify your unique status and benefits, so that you can land your dream project.

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Research has a high impact on your planning and marketing process. We believe by focusing on your target agencies, Utilizing analyzed data we can assist you in making your more successful.

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Small Business certification helps provide

a level playing field for women,

minorities and disadvantaged business owners to provide sole sources  opportunities, limited competition and a streamlined contract process for set aside contracts to certified

small businesses.

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