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The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has undoubtedly required the small business community to adapt to new challenges for sustainability and growth. Demand for goods and services have slowed and customer confidence has declined. Not to mention corporate downsizing, closed businesses, lost jobs and the loss of lives. Disruptions, restrictions and cost increase of critical supplies have impacted how small businesses work. “Social Distancing,” “Stay at Home,” and “Shelter in Place” orders, have slowed economic growth. But despite all of these hardships, people are still on the entrepreneurial journey for reasons born out of this pandemic, wanting to be more than just an “employee” or pursuit of a long held dream.  

It is said that the best businesses are born out of hardship. It reveals creativity, talents, ingenuity and cooperative mindsets to resolve problems, pivot our focus and build more. Hardships are a means for entrepreneurs to be solution-oriented and bring products and services to the marketplace that are needed in a crisis. 

At Verve Consultants, we are excited to see how people, businesses and communities are coming together to adapt to this New Era.  We embrace change and understand, first hand, what it takes to be solution-oriented during times of economic change.


Let Verve Consultants help you to thrive in this New Era!

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Verve Consultants can get you through the process faster so you can focus on your vision and goals. Verve Consultants educates and supports entrepreneurs by identifying the next steps and help to get them executed; avoiding costly mistakes and wasted time.

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Verve Consultants, Inc. can assess your existing organization and develop a framework to understanding your company.  We will review this information with you and develop a strategy plan based firmly and clearly on your needs, not just on your own capabilities.

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Verve Consultants, Inc. can help you to become compliant with federal and state laws...being in good standing!


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