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Verve Consultants, Inc. is a small, woman and minority owned business providing contractor services and compliance, management and business consulting, and certification services in the public and private sectors. We have over 20 years of experience providing quality consulting, compliance and management support.  We are familiar with the demands our customers face and have adopted a proactive approach to developing real solutions to the problems our clients encounter.


We strive to manage our business efficiently and effectively to deliver the best overall value. We are agile in supporting large, complex federal/state government and commercial contracts while balancing business needs with evolving industry requirements. We also offer agencies and industry partners knowledge, service and experience to meet small business, minority and disadvantaged contracting and subcontracting goals.


Building long term relationships enables us to strategically address diverse requirements and provide forward thinking solutions to achieve the goals of our clients.


Today’s business leaders were yesterday’s startups. Tomorrow’s business leaders are being built today. 

J. Partee

Our goal is to provide information and resources to help businesses scale and succeed in

government contracting with experienced professionals who know the process.


LaQuan McCarley, Verve Consultants, Inc.

LaQuan McCarley

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