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Verve Consultants, Inc. supports small businesses from conception to succession. Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience working with small businesses.  We help small emerging businesses who want to "operate the right way" to focus on infrastructure development to bring your vision to reality.

We assess your specific needs, develop a strategy plan, and facilitate actions for sustained success to achieve your goals. 

Having a clear path and business advisors who are committed to getting you through the learning curves will lay a solid foundation for growth while staying agile and adaptable. We work with you to ensure that you achieve sustainable results, productivity, and profitability.

Open for Business

Today’s business leaders were yesterday’s startups. Tomorrow’s business leaders are being built today. 

J. Partee



Our Mission is to build small businesses from vision to reality,

to meet complex business

issues head-on and achieve results, productivity and enhance profitability.


To bring value to our clients, serve our communities and provide the right resources, at the right time, to maximize our client’s business potential.

Core Values






Our goal is to help new entrepreneurs better understand all the early stage aspects of the business and to provide

insight and clarity through experienced professionals who has been through the process multiple times.

LaQuan McCarley, Verve Consultants, Inc.

LaQuan McCarley

Founder and CEO

LAQUAN MCCARLEY is the Founder and CEO of Verve Consultants, Inc., a business consulting company that specializes in helping small business owners bring their vision to reality through coaching, strategic planning, and compliance.


As a businesswoman, educator, and speaker, she presents, consults, and guides entrepreneurs on the foundations of building a business, leadership strategies, and key compliance factors. Because of her corporate background, she is uniquely positioned to design a knowledge system to help small business owners operate the right way to grow and thrive.

She believes that by organizing your life around your identity, you will know who you are and operate in your "why".

Ms. McCarley has over 20 years of experience working with dreamers and visionaries. From her own experiences, she understands firsthand the challenges of building a business and navigating a family. As a proven leader, she motivates and supports entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. She has worked with Ziva Fitness, Kiesett Realty, Trebor Alzheimer’s and Senior Support Center, and The Spy Museum to name a few. Ms. McCarley has worked with educators, creatives, commercial cleaning companies, restaurants, government contractors, and real estate developers.

She coaches and mentors college students for job readiness and business ownership, contributes to various charitable organizations, and volunteers her time to assist seniors in her community. She enjoys painting, home décor and travel.

Ms. McCarley is a graduate of Lincoln University  (BA Political Science), mother of two daughters, and resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland.